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Creating Imagery that Propels the Brand

HudsonYards Creative Photography Studio is a state-of-the-art studio filled with the latest technology along with a bevy of high end proofing printers providing our clients a one-stop shop for their specific needs. Our Photographers create an environment of collaboration that inevitably leads to success no matter the challenge or the situation. Our shooters thrive on discovering innovative solutions for each and every client.

> Live Model > 360 Product and Time Lapse
> Mannequin > e-commerce
> Flats > Advertising
> On Location and Scouting > Design
> Product > Luxury

A 360 Degree View of the Brand

Lartiste Boot

CAPTURE 3-6-0 presents opportunities for customers to engage with content in an immersive and interactive way. The experience puts the control in the hands of the viewer allowing for multiple points of view along with control of viewing duration.

CAPTURE 3-6-0 also provides a powerful and efficient tool to generate a wide variety of content for your marketing needs. CAPTURE 3-6-0 allows us to capture spin sets (groups of images) that can also be split off into different types of content. A typical spin set of 24 images allows you to pick and choose any of the 24 images to create stand alone pics for marketing, catalogs or alternate views. The same spin set can be used to create GIFFs for web, social media, e-mail campaigns, presentations and trade shows just to name a few. Additionally, the same spin set can be used to create product videos quickly, easily and efficiently.

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