Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

HudsonYards has an extensive history of using technology to solve our customers greatest publishing challenges across a broad variety of industries.

Ad Agencies
Teambase Approval is HudsonYards' web-based content approval workflow solution for Ad Agencies. Structured folders, automated intelligence, and extensive metadata support to help you coordinate production deadlines and extract more value from the work you create. Includes secure check-in and check-out of assets and full version control.

Catalog Publishers
Whether in print or on the web, retail catalogs are the culmination of complex workflows that combine product images, data and design. Teambase Publish excels at bringing together high volume, high quality image workflows, exact-fit copywriting, and attractive presentations – all within a foundation of database-driven product information.

Corporate & Marketing
Teambase Online is a streamlined repository for digital assets of all types, with unmatched automation and intelligent support for Microsoft Office and other document types used in corporate environments. Get all the information you need — and find just what you’re looking for.

Magazines & Professional Journals
Professional journals, magazines and web sites are different types of publications, but they have a lot in common: All strive to present information as quickly, efficiently and attractively as possible. When integrated with HudsonYards Services Teambase Publish expedites your production workflow.

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