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Professional journals, magazines and web sites are different types of publications, but they have a lot in common: All strive to present information as quickly, efficiently and attractively as possible.

Teambase Publish is designed to:
Help groups collaborate on publications of all types. Teambase Publish can be used to streamline production at a weekly trade journal with a staff of 15, a national news magazine with a staff of 450, a retailer that sells in print and on the web, or a publication like yours — one with its own special needs and priorities.

Editors can write captions and headlines while viewing the images and other elements on the page, without blocking access to the page, which may be needed in production. Teambase Publish accomplishes this by granting permission to content (such as stories or pictures) separately from their containers (such as boxes on an InDesign page). There is no limit to the number of people who can collaborate on a single page as the parts come together on deadline.

For Example: A group of medical journals shares a complex workflow where files are shared among multiple publications. With Teambase Publish, each publication can see what others have shared, and can re-use and revise others’ content. Instead of a folder-like workflow, editors use cross-publication queries to immediately find the most urgent tasks. The status of multiple pages inside several publications with overlapping deadlines is easily tracked through Teambase Publish.

One of the country’s largest weekly news magazines produces its entire publication with Teambase Publish. Hundreds of editors and writers on Macintosh and Windows computers combine to produce the issue. Using Adobe InCopy as their text editor, and Adobe InDesign as their page layout application, they get exact composition information and see exactly how their stories will appear in the printed version. As stories and pages go back and forth among writers and editors, each revision is versioned away. Editing integrity is guaranteed, as a designer can work with — but not change — text on a page while the text is being edited in a text editing program. A folder-like workflow, with varying permissions assigned to groups of users, shapes the production process providing controlled access to stories, pages and photos throughout the process.

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