Integrated Services & Solutions

Integrated Services & Solutions

As our clients’ business needs have changed to include a much broader variety of media, our strategy and range of expertise have evolved and expanded to meet them.

We utilize the latest technology and workflows to facilitate the creation, management and distribution of advertising and editorial content. Whether it is for print, the web, or other emerging digital platforms, HudsonYards can make it happen.

HudsonYards Emedia Organization

Since 1996, HudsonYards Emedia organization has been providing Publishers and Companies of all sizes, across numerous industries with software development solutions and affordable technical services. These solutions and services are customized to meet our clients unique needs, and always exceed their expectations.

Our extensive solutions knowledge and experience providing cross-media content management, workflow and production solutions has established the HudsonYards Emedia organization as a technology leader and innovator within the imaging, publishing, and visual communications industries.


  • Digital Asset Management ( DAM )
  • Workgroup Publishing
  • Review & Approval
  • Ad Portal
Ad Portal

The following is one example of how HudsonYards has implemented new technology for a changing need: A number of years ago, we developed an Ad Portal for our publishing clients that turned into a great success. However, we started to see a new demand for not only print ads but digital ads as well. HudsonYards took this opportunity to create a digital ad delivery portal to compliment the print ad portal. This gave our customers a more efficient workflow for their review and approval process, as well as asset management workflow.

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