Computer Generated Imagery

Creating imagery that propels your brand.

HudsonYards Creative Studio photographic quality art combined with real or virtual backgrounds provides tremendous opportunities in creating visuals for web, print, and video. Computer Generated Imaging has played a key role in allowing us to visualize a product in full dimension before it is manufactured. Our talented computer graphic artists can create visually realistic images in place of still photography and retouching that can also be rendered so that the 3D images can used for soft or physical proofs and across multiple digital platforms.

  • 3D Rendering
  • Animation
  • Digital Comps for Products and Packaging
  • Exact Product Reproductions
  • New Prototype Product Enhancements
  • New Prototype Creation
  • Able to Accomplish Unlimited Colors, Varnishes and Textures

More CGI Examples

The Room

Texture and Space Simulation
This kitchen scene was designed for a spec job. Everything from the wood grain to the leaves of the trees outside had to be hand drawn. Lighting and shadows were also applied to make the scene look realistic.


St. Ives


Bed Head

Nars Cosmetics

Virtual Product Library
Nars Cosmetics provided eye liner pencils to duplicate using CGI. One wire frame was created then all the different colors were applied. The texture of the pencils and colors have to perfectly match the actual product. Once completed, Nars had a color library of the eye liner pencils and could use them however they please in future print and web campaigns.

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