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A streamlined repository for digital assets of all types, with unmatched automation and intelligent support for Microsoft Office and other document types used in corporate environments. Get all the information you need — and find just what you’re looking for.

Teambase Online is designed for:
Organizations that want to provide a simple and streamlined way to view and download digital assets of all types to employees and interested parties who log in via the web. Once they’ve logged in, extended search capabilities and an assortment of viewing and preview options help clients and employees, no matter where they are, find the documents they need to read or download.

HudsonYards has developed a full range of content management capabilities to complement our existing content management features. This includes:

  • Full support of the industry standard media types, including complex documents, CMYK and RGB images, and multimedia file formats.
  • Automated thumbnail creation for all images, InDesign, QuarkXPress pages and Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
  • Media-specific user functionality including indexing and metadata handling, security, and hierarchical navigation.

For Example: An organization with a large national sales staff produces brochures, fact sheets PowerPoint presentations, PDF forms, Excel spreadsheets, and videos to help its employees in the field. A salesman logs in and quickly browses through new documents as well as those sorted into categories and hierarchies. The salesmen locates documents based on their metatada, or the text inside PDFs, QuarkXPress, InDesign, Microsoft Office documents and more. He or she has the latest product details and pricing information at all times. Sales staff can read the text from Microsoft Office documents, or download native file formats to modify as needed.

A grocery chain has an enormous archive of products and prices it uses to build advertising circulars. New assets are added and deleted each day, and prices and product descriptions are constantly changing. The chain uses Teambase Online to make those assets available to its merchants nationwide via the web. But while the Web is perfect for occasional access to the database, the increased speed and sophistication of the companion Teambase desktop application increases the efficiency of those users whose maintain the database archives full-time. Drag-and-drop importing, custom metadata editing, advanced query features, double-click file editing, batch annotations, customized views and locations -- and a faster response time means the archives are updated quickly, and the are available to Web clients more quickly too.

A retail chain wants its latest approved marketing materials and advertising templates available to independent franchise owners. Store owners can search by product or category or monthly promotions to find the materials they need to build and localize advertisements with approved designs and text. With the Teambase Online module, the retail chain can track downloads, provide print-quality images, or provide order fulfillment for TV and radio spots.

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