Catalog Publishers

Whether in print or on the web, retail catalogs are the culmination of complex workflows that combine product images, data and design. Teambase Publish excels at bringing together high volume, high quality image workflows, exact-fit copywriting, and attractive presentations – all within a foundation of database-driven product information.

The creation of a retail catalog requires collaboration from many content and design experts working together as a team. Teambase Publish helps you manage and coordinate the process from inception to presentation.

With Teambase Publish configured for FTP, web client, and native desktop users, the process starts when product imagery is captured from photographers at the shoot. Photos are selected by photo editors with ready access in Teambase to years of image product archives. Copywriters, free-lancers and even automated business data systems update the Teambase Publish product repository in real time with descriptions, related products and pricing. Based on your instructions, designers assemble components on page, while automated routines push approved content as XML to your web site’s back end.

Our New York and Nashville facilities specialize in such tasks as high-end retouching, image versioning, prepress flight checks, web publishing and mobile device delivery. With your retail workflow streamlined inside Teambase Publish, and HudsonYards' integrated services, everyone involved in your catalog’s creation can start working together.

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