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  • CGI

    Through wireframe manipulations, visually stimulating surfaces and light rendering effects, Koi Studios at HudsonYards is all you need to create unique visuals.Computer Generated Imaging has played a key role in allowing visualization of a product in full dimension before it is manufactured. Photographic quality art combined with real or imagined backgrounds gives you tremendous flexibility in creating visions for web, print, and video marketing Read More
  • Creative Retouching

    Creating unique images to clearly convey a message is critical to a campaign’s success. Our Retouching Group helps define and refine concepts with inspired visual solutions. With HudsonYards superior color and proofing technologies at our fingertips, you’ll view your images as production-quality proofs from first look to finals. HudsonYards brings your ideas to life with flair and flawless execution from concept to completion. Read More
  • eMedia

    Since 1996 HudsonYards eMedia Division has been providing businesses of all sizes with software development solutions and technical services that are affordable. These solutions are also customized to meet unique needs while also exceeding our customer’s expectations. Our extensive solutions knowledge and experience providing cross-media content management, workflow and production solutions has established us as technology leader and innovator within the imaging, publishing, and visual communications industries. Read More
  • Interactive Services

    We’ll perform all the coding, programming or other behind-the-scenes production tasks that bog down in-house creative teams, working from their supplied layouts or storyboards. In addition to technical expertise, we bring our collaborative creative skills to every project, contributing ideas that make static concepts dynamic with flair, finesse and complete feasibility. To guarantee it, all files produced by our Interactive Team are fully tested for functionality before release. Interactive media can instantly put a brand in front of millions of consumers and we’d like to help take advantage of that opportunity. Read More
  • Motion Graphics

    Koi Studios at HudsonYards offers motion graphics and video production to help communicate your brand's message through more than just words. It's not just about the post-production – Koi Studios does everything to create the desired visual effect. Motion graphics services include: storyboarding, concept design, 3D animation, title and credit sequence, in-store video and signage. Read More
  • PrePress

    Visual consistency is essential to agencies, publishers and marketers seeking to effectively reach their target audience and gain qualitative brand identification. The evolving media landscape offers clients many options, but getting the most value from each heavily depends on accurate, predictable color reproduction. Applying a color management strategy early in the process makes this achievable. Read More
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  • Solutions

    The HudsonYards eMedia Division (formerly Agile Enterprise) has designed & developed the Teambase platform to address numerous challenges in your industry.
  • Technologies

    As our clients’ business needs have changed to include a much broader variety of media, our strategy and range of expertise have evolved and expanded to meet them.
  • Our Team

    With over 40 years in the industry, we have built up a unique team of Industry Specialists. Each team brings different qualities to the table for a variety of solutions.
  • People We Serve

    The projects are bigger, schedules are tighter, and there are more files to keep track of than ever. Your business needs to run 24 hours a day just to keep pace.


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    With locations across the United States, HudsonYards provides Ad Agencies, Corporate Marketing, Retail Catalog, and publishing organizations of all types with premedia print and digital production services and solutions.

    HudsonYards excels in creating high quality digital imaging and visual communications for companies who need a strong, consistent visual message across all media. HudsonYards' services include creative retouching, CGI and motion graphics, interactive services, mechanical production, and eMedia software solutions.

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